How to repair Word 2010 file?

“I was working on a crucial document using MS Word 2010. I was too much into my work that I didn’t realize my laptop battery is low. On the verge of completion of the document, suddenly my system shut down. After I restarted it & tried to open the file, it didn’t open. I have spent days to finish it and now I can’t afford to lose it. Please tell me How do you repair Word 2010 file?”

If you are reading this article then you might also have been in a similar situation like this. Now you might be thinking “How do you repair Word 2010 file in case of corruption scenarios?”. Keep reading to know the answer.

Microsoft Word is the most widely used applications for all kinds of documentation purposes both by home & professional users. The latest version of MS Word is Word 2010 that offers a large number of options, thereby making your work easy & attractive.

But problems find their way in, no matter what you do. Like other versions of Microsoft Word, Word 2010 is also not spared from corruption issues. In order to get rid of these problems and to know how to repair Word 2010 file, you should make use of an efficient tool like Fix Word Document, that will help you to fix a corrupt Word file. But first let us look at some scenarios which you should be careful of, next time.

Abrupt system shutdown – If your system shuts down improperly while you were accessing Word files, then there are chances that after restarting it, the files will become unreadable. There is a proper format of closing the system, if it is not followed then all the saved files & applications on it, might not work properly.

Transfer error – Suppose you are transferring some files from your pen drive to your system, & suddenly the process gets terminated. It might be due to abrupt ejection of the external drive or forced system shutdown. The result will be corrupted Word file that will not be readable.

Virus infection – Viruses enter your Word file either due to the use of unreliable compression techniques or sending it over an unsecured network. The most common type of virus is macro virus, that affects files specially, Word & Excel. To know how to repair files affected by macro viruses, make use of this link.

Inaccessible file after recovery – Sometimes you might use unreliable recovery tools for restoring your deleted or lost Word file. But after recovery you found that the file is not accessible. You tried using another recovery tool but the previous tool modified your original documents. In this case, you will definitely need a Word file repairing tool, to make that document readable again.

The fix Word document is capable of retrieving Word files of .doc & .docx formats. Along with that, it can also repair Word templates, that might get corrupted due to any of the above mentioned scenarios. Read more about it. It has very powerful algorithms that help in the efficient fixing of documents on not only MS Word 2010, but also other older versions. The tool does not modify your original corrupted Word file. It creates a new healthy file, which will be free of all the issues. It is compatible with all the latest versions of Windows operating system.  Give it a try and learn how to repair Word 2010 file, by downloading the demo version.

How do you repair Word 2010 file?

Step 1 – After you have downloaded the demo version, install it. Upon running you will get the welcome screen.

How Do You Repair Word 2010 - Main Screen

Fig 1 : Welcome Screen

Step 2 – On this screen, you have to browse for the corrupted Word file & then click the “Repair” button.

How Do You Repair Word 2010 - Select corrupted

Fig 2 : Select Corrupted file

Step 3 – Then the tool will start the repairing process.

How Do You Repair Word 2010 - Progress Screen

Fig 3 : Progress Screen

Step 4 – After repairing is completed, you can preview the file.

How Do You Repair Word 2010 - Preview Screen

Fig 4 : Preview Screen

Step 5 – If the results are up to your expectations, then purchase the full version.

How Do You Repair Word 2010 - Save Repaired

Fig 5 : Save Repaired